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Welcome to Victory Force, we are a leveling, raiding, and RP guild. We hope that once we get enough members that we can set up some raid teams and start scheduled raiding. Until then we will focus on getting everyone leveled to 30 and geared up to start raiding. As far as RP goes click on our stories tab to read what other players have written and write some yourself. For rules about RP see the Rules below the ranking system. Here are the guild ranks just below:

Harbinger- These are the leaders of the guild, they manage events, promote players and choose champions, there are four Harbingers, meaning that there are four people ready to help you at any time when it comes to guild politics, don't be shy ask us if something is wrong or if you feel something isn't right with the rules. We are also the only guild members who can update the message of the day.

Champions- These are the most honored members, they are members that have proven themselves as loyal to the guild and are hand picked by the Harbingers themselves. They have most of the privileges of the Harbingers but cannot promote champions.

Guardian- They are the second officer class in guild, they are considered to be the "hardened officers." They can invite and kick members, they can post topics in the officer chat.

Vanguard- This is the first officer rank, they gain access to the council forums and can participate in council meetings.

Super Hero- Will have the option of having two sidekicks or one hero under his wing.
Hero- They have the ability to have a sidekick under their wing.     

Sidekick- They have the option to become a sidekick of a hero or a superhero.

League member- A standard league member

Associate- These are members in waiting, everyone is this rank at the beginning.

In order to become a full member you MUST get a guild portal account so you can be added to the guild roster.

In order to raid you MUST download Ventrillo even if you don't have a mic so that you can at least listen.

Don't steal items from the bank, just as the harbingers or champions for permission.

Don't taunt or insult other members or other guilds.

Don't need on equipment that you already have, it isn't fair for those people who don't have it.

Last but not least, don't ask for promotions, you can ask how to get a promotion but don't ask for the promotion itself.

RP Rules

Basically there are none except for this, always ask permission if you are going to use another character (if they have to play a large role) in your story.
Also if the story has more mature subject matters please inform the other members by putting (Mature) next to the story title. 

Last rule is don't talk trash or bad about other characters, it's not nice.
I hope you guys enjoy the league, it's events, and RP.
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